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Electro Scrub Chemical Particle Remover








ElectroScrub Chemical Particle Remover


The Solution For Contamination-Sensitive Cleaning Needs

  • Increased Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE)
  • More Effective than Typical SC-1 Processes
  • Can Be Used in Single Wafer or  Batch Type Equipment
  • Effective at Many Stages of the Manufacturing Process
  • High Performance and Cost Effective

ElectroScrub is a technologically advanced cleaning chemistry designed to meet the increasing challenges of critical cleaning.

ElectroScrub is chemically formulated to modify electrostatic surface charges on the wafer surface and on the particles. The electrostatic repulsion forces remove particles and, in conjuction with additional mechanical force from megasonics or under-cut etching from elevated bath chemistries, result in superior cleaning.  

ElectroScrub works by putting an extremely strong negative charge on both the particle and the wafer surface. This creates a strong repulsion force removing the particle from the surface. DI water rinsing then carries the particle away from the vicinity of the wafer surface into the bulk liquid and down the drain.  When the particles are separated from the surface they are moved away from the substrate and filtered out in the bath re-circulation system.

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Electro Scrub Chemical Particle Remover
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